Sorting and Purging while organizing a kitchen

Are you ready to reduce the clutter in your kitchen?

Sorting and purging is an important step in getting control and decluttering a kitchen. This can be done as one big full day project or you can take your time and work drawer by drawer.  The idea is to take out everything in your kitchen and decide if it is useful for the function of this space.

The ‘keep’ pile will have stuff you NEED, USE or LOVE.  If it is broken, you have no need for it, if you don’t use it and it does not make you feel great when you see it and use it (that would be love) then it should go. 

I know there will be things that are hard to part with that someone gave you, you bought on your honeymoon or it was your grandmothers.  If you are holding onto things that do not make you feel good or are not being used ask yourself if you are honoring these memories if it sits in the back of your cupboard neglected and unused. Or do you think it would go to better use by giving it to someone who would use it.  There are plenty of women’s shelters, and less fortunate people who would love to have this stuff. 
Spread the wealth and let go of these items.

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  • kitchen organizer

    Thank you for these tips!
    I love my little house and don’t like when discontent starts to rule my every thought. I like to think if you are content where you are you can appreciate and be better at the things you do but if you can’t be content now – you never will be. I have my fourth baby on the way and my other three are still under school-age. I used to have an awesome system, but bit -by-bit it has unravelled on me and my once uber-organized mind is now just trying to make it all work.