DELEGATE and Share Household Responsibilities

There is no I in TEAM…..

It is evident in this stressed filled world that we are existing in, people feel like they are alone, even when they live with other people.

No wonder!

The family meal has been replaced by meals that are consummed on the run.
TV viewing is happening in several different rooms so people can watch what they want to.
Schedules are so demanding and family members are running in multiple directions.

Of course the Team approach has broken down, there is no point of connection. How you can be fully present and help your team if you can’t even help yourself?

Time to take back control and get everyone on the same page.

First step is shifting accountability back to the rightful owners. Children folding clothing

In this case it is the Bedroom and all that it entails. The bedroom occupants have  a responsibility to take care of their STUFF. Unless they are too young. Too young means, can’t put toys away/laundry away/make beds. The level of responsibility increases with age.

Here are a few ideas of areas of concern for the bedroom.

  • Closet management
  • Bed making
  • Dish clearing
  • Floor cleaning
  • Fashion maintanance
  • ETC!

If it is not your room and you have expectations that are not realistic for the person that owns this area of the home then it may be time to adjust your expectations.

Communication about expectations and open dialogue are critical for all families and by working together you set the tone  for the way the family exists together.

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